At A21, we strive to provide our customers with the knowledge and education they need to make informed shopping choices. In this exceptional cannabis environment, every aspect of the journey has been meticulously crafted to elevate your satisfaction and well-being. So, step into a world where Cannabis Meets Excellence, and prepare to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, offering you a truly remarkable cannabis experience like no other. Welcome to a place where your cannabis encounters are defined by the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of your experience.

What you can expect

Hand selected Premium products

Immerse yourself in a curated selection of premium cannabis products, meticulously cultivated and crafted to perfection. From exquisite strains to expertly crafted edibles and concentrates, we offer nothing but excellence.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team consists of passionate experts who have dedicated their lives to understanding the intricacies of cannabis cultivation, extraction, and consumption. We are here to guide you, answer your questions, and ensure you have the knowledge you need to make informed choices.

Innovation and Sustainability

We are at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the cannabis industry. While we strive for excellence, we're also committed to sustainability, ensuring that our practices are environmentally responsible and respectful of nature.

A Customer-centric approach

Our focus is in all the right places, we are a dispensary designed with your needs in mind with a goal of positively impacting the industry as a whole. We take your feedback to heart and our goal is to stock the products you want and need at reasonable prices.

How does recreational cannabis shopping work?

Step 1 - Arriving to the dispensary

A21 Wellness Dispensary has ample parking and is ADA accessible. Please be prepared to show a valid form of a government issued ID as you must be 21 years of age or older to purchase any products . Once your age is properly verified by security, you will be welcomed into the dispensary to shop, there is no requirement to have a medical cannabis card. We really are, 'A 21'+ dispensary!

Step 2 - Browse and learn

Throughout the store, you’ll have the opportunity to look through our menu interactively on our state of the art smart ordering technology and choose the product that best fits your needs. Our Cannabis Education Specialists will be there to assist you through your cannabis journey and options.

'Lift & Learn' about Cannabis Flower

Something that sets us apart from other cannabis experiences is that at A21, you can see and smell all 60 flower strains up close. Our unique technology is connected to each strain individually and will automatically populate all the information of the flower your are inspecting on a screen in front of you, so you can make an educated purchasing decision. Add to your cart straight from the screen!

'Pick & Place' to discover other products

For all of our non-flower product such as prerolls, cartridges, edibles, concentrates and more, you will have the ability to grab an item from the shelf, place it onto our high tech reader and watch as all of the information regarding that product displays for you on a screen. Add to your cart straight from the screen!

Step 4 - Payment

We accept cash and have an ATM available on site. We do accept debit payments. We do require a second identification check of your government issued ID prior to payment being accepted.

Step 5- Get rewards

Don't forget to sign up for our Best Buds Club. One of the most obvious benefits is the opportunity to save money. We offer members exclusive discounts, special promotions, and access to limited-time offers. Sign up and get 20% off the same day!

Lastly - Leave happy and enjoy!

Once you purchase your product(s), a fulfillment agent will fill your order and your Consultant will retrieve it for you. Once the transaction is complete you may exit the dispensary. You may not open your product until you have left the property.

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