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Introducing A21 Wellness Dispensary – your destination for a cutting-edge, adult-use recreational cannabis experience. We cater to those who are 21 and older, with a valid government-issued ID. In November 2020, the collective voice of voters resoundingly echoed “yes” to the world of recreational dispensaries. Join us in this modern, welcoming environment where innovation meets relaxation.

Step into the realm of New Jersey’s adult-use cannabis regulations. Here, you’re entitled to a transaction that mirrors the pinnacle of convenience. You can take home the equivalent of 28.35 grams or 1 ounce of usable cannabis in one seamless interaction. That means you’re free to choose: A lush 28.35 grams (1 ounce) of premium dried flower, or 4 grams of solid cannabis concentrates or resin, or an equal 4 grams of concentrate in its liquid form (measured in milliliters), or 4 grams of the finest vaporized formulations, as found in sleek vape carts, or a rich selection of cannabis-infused products, amounting to 1,000 mg in total, or an exquisite combination of products, totaling the equivalent of 1 ounce.

Welcome to a world of possibilities – your cannabis journey, simplified.

Welcome to A21 Wellness Dispensary – your gateway to a hassle-free cannabis experience. No need for cards here, folks. Shopping at our adult-use dispensary in New Jersey is a breeze. You don’t require any special card to explore our offerings. This is your playground for recreational cannabis, open to anyone 21 or older. Simply present your valid ID at check-in, and you’re all set to embark on your cannabis journey. It’s as simple as that.

The cost of cannabis can differ depending on where you buy it and what you’re purchasing. Regardless of these factors, all cannabis purchases in New Jersey are subject to a 6.625% sales tax. In Scotch Plains, there is an additional 2% Local Cannabis Transfer Tax applied on recreational cannabis sales.

Medical card holder? We match our discount so that you are never paying for unnecessary tax.

When you step into A21 or any NJ cannabis dispensary, it’s essential to have a valid, unexpired, government-issued ID that confirms you’re 21 or older, meeting the legal age requirement for cannabis purchases in the state. This step is a must to ensure compliance with state regulations. As you arrive at A21, you’ll be asked to present your ID at the check-in desk before entering the dispensary itself. Accepted forms of identification include: your NJ driver’s license, or one issued by any other state or U.S. territory, A non-driver ID issued by NJ or any other state, OR your passport.

Embrace a seamless journey with us, where your identification is your key to accessing a world of possibilities.

Yes, you can shop with us. We accept any U.S. or state government-issued photo ID, as long as it is not expired. Customers from foreign countries must use their passport for identification.

We are located in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, on Route 22 with easy access to Route 78. We are about a 1/4-mile from the eastbound turnaround at the old MMA building.

Yes, A21 offers online ordering for in-store pickup. You can browse our menu and order at

A21 accepts cash and debit. We also have ATMs on site

Yes, we have ample parking with 30+ spots, and 2 handicapped spaces available.

Absolutely! We boast 40+ strains for you to see, touch and smell at our state of the art smart-bud bars.

One of the things that set us apart is our seamless experience through state-of-the-art shopping technology.

Flower products: In the center of the store you will see three large ‘budbar’ stations with over 40+ different strains of flower to see, touch and smell. To use the technology and for the best shopping experience at A21, you will lift a flower jar that lies in front of the educational screen in front of you. This will trigger all the information regarding that strain to pop up right in front of you so you can discover moer about the product while also getting to analyze it through sight, using our magnified viewing jars, and smell using the puff button that when pushed quickly delivers an ample wisp of terpene aroma.

Find a strain you like? Select “add to cart” and once you are ready to move on to a new section of products, select check out, add your first and last name the way it shows on your ID and submit your order. Then repeat the process throughout the store until you are ready to purchase.

Other cannabis products: Along the perimeters of the store, our shelving features products such as prerolls, vapes, extracts, edibles and more. These sections work a little differently but give you the same detailed information. See an item you’re interested in on a shelf? Pick it up and place it on the flat reader to the side of the screen to discover more about it as the details appear on the screen. Same as before, add the product(s) to your cart and check out with your first and last name to move on.

Your order will be packed and ready as you browse the store. Check out at a service counter and enjoy your purchase.

Absolutely, certain edibles are perfectly legal in New Jersey’s recreational cannabis scene. You’ll find soft chews, gummies (often referred to as “soft lozenges”), and even beverage enhancers readily available at your local dispensaries. However, it’s worth noting that delectable treats like cookies or brownies are not yet on the menu for New Jersey’s recreational cannabis market, but are coming soon!

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